The Orbit Baby G3 Stroller takes the UK by storm


Orbit Baby, the US-based pushchair manufacturer, hit UK shores in September 2012 with the release of their wildly successful G2 model, followed by the G3 in 2014.  If you're new to the pushchair-buying market, you can be forgiven for thinking 'Orbit who?' but I can promise you that their name will soon be as familiar to you as the infamous Bugaboo. We're just getting in early ;o) One of the biggest brands in the USA, and manufacturers of the revolutionary G3, Orbit Baby have a refreshing approach to pushchair design and have produced some fabulously unique features. The pushchairs look and function very differently to anything the UK has seen before. No wonder that the American public and … [Read More...]


Orbit Baby Double Helix

Orbit Baby Pushchair Range

Orbit Baby G2 The flagship pushchair in their range is the enviable G2. The G2 is innovative with its reversible seat with 3DRotation, large hood and sprung suspension. It looks and works differently, and is appealing without the need for clips, buttons or lifting to change seat direction. 3DRotation allows you to rotate and recline your little in one smooth movement. The Orbit Baby QuadShock suspension gives your baby a smooth ride on no-air tyres, so no need for a pump. It also has a compact one-hand fold to fit in the smallest car boots, and stands alone when folded. The cargo pod (underseat storage) lifts out to become a changing bag. The seat also docks and rotates on the Orbit … [Read More...]

Orbit Baby Pushchair UK

Orbit Baby G2 Pushchair – Review

The Orbit Baby G2 Stroller, Pushchair, Travel System, Pram (whatever name you wish to use!) is now on sale in the UK, available from John Lewis and a selection of other independent stockists (click to view what's currently available) Orbit Baby have been selling their G2 pushchair and travel system in the USA, Singapore, Sweden, Canada, Hong Kong, Korea, Portugal and Russia, to name but a few, in great numbers and to much critical acclaim. Jessica Alba, Alicia Keys, Kourtney Kardashian, and Heidi Klum  - to name a growing army of celebrity clients - all adore their G2. So what is it and why is so talked about?   Bryan White and Joseph Hei founded Orbit Baby with the mission of … [Read More...]

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Orbit Baby Pushchair UK Release

Orbit Baby G3

The Orbit Baby G3 Stroller, Pushchair, Travel System, Pram (whatever name you wish to use!) went on sale in the UK in 2014 (yay!!!) offering the full range of products from pushchair seats, frames, car seats, bassinette, colour packs, sidekicsk and panniers. Orbit Baby at John Lewis – click to view what’s currently available   […]