About This Site

Me and my lovely boy (plus bump, due Oct 2012. In time for the UK release of the Orbit Baby? Fingers and toes crossed!)

This Orbit Baby Pushchair fan site is run by a self-confessed pushchair addict (pramaholic, I think is the technical term!) who has been through an embarrassing number of prams in my time. Our beautiful son was born in 2007 and the Orbit Baby soon registered on my radar so I’ve been waiting a long, looooong time for its UK release. Indeed, baby number two arrived in October 2012, a whole five years later, and I’m sending a little wish to the all-seeing pushchair Gods that me and my gorgeous baby girl finally get to give these truly unique wheels a whirl.

My aim with the site is to share my obsession with all you fellow pram-addicts (my husband is sick of listening to me) and showcase what the Orbit Baby pushchair / travel system – or Orbit Baby Stroller as our friends across the pond would call it – has to offer. I’m basically going to be mounting a one-woman stalking operation against Orbit Baby (don’t worry, I don’t own any night vision goggles) to keep you all updated on everything you need to know about this beautiful new set of wheels.

I’ll be aiming to bring you the low-down on availability, stockists (John Lewis plus a selection of independent stockists so far), price (£940, including bassinette) and – just as soon as I save enough pennies, sell a kidney and get my excited little mitts on it – I’ll write a full, in-depth user review on whether it was worth the wait.  Given its legion of fans overseas, I’m confident it won’t disappoint but as the price tag could arguably rival that of a second-hand car for the average family, I solemnly promise to give an honest, unbiased opinion.

Despite being a girl with an expensive pram habit, I sadly don’t have the funds to match (boooo), so owning an Orbit Baby is reliant on me saving an awful lot of pennies. With this in mind, the website features a small number of adverts and links and clicking them means I’ll earn a small commission from any purchase you might subsequently make (thank you, thank you!) I also need to make it very clear that I have no link or affiliation with OrbitBaby or their UK distributors but if their very kind and lovely PR team would like to take pity on a pram-addicted new mummy (who also happens to be their number one UK fan!) and help hasten their baby’s arrival into our house, well, I’d LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to hear from them ;o)

So there we are and here we go. Thanks for reading, fellow pram-addicts. Pull up a pew, grab a brew and join me in my latest obsession… let the countdown begin.

Lou xx

(owner of one small boy, one gorgeous baby girl, and a rather large and lovely Curriculum Vitae of pushchairs. All used, all loved, but none yet able to take the crown as the ‘ultimate’ pushchair.)

Update 14 August 2012

The Orbit Baby G2 Stroller, Pushchair, Travel System, Pram (whatever name you wish to use!) is available NOW. Orbit Baby at John Lewis – GO, GO, GO!! click to view what’s currently available