Orbit Baby G3

233748714alt1The Orbit Baby G3 Stroller, Pushchair, Travel System, Pram (whatever name you wish to use!) went on sale in the UK in 2014 (yay!!!) offering the full range of products from pushchair seats, frames, car seats, bassinette, colour packs, sidekicsk and panniers.

Orbit Baby at John Lewis – click to view what’s currently available


John Lewis’ Nursery Buyer, Caroline Bettis is expecting high demand: ‘We are really pleased to be stocking Orbit Baby and are anticipating that our customers will be really interested in the buggy, given its unique design features as well as its celebrity following in the States.’



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The Orbit Baby G3 Stroller – let the UK domination commence! #LOVE

Orbit Baby Pushchair UK Release

Orbit Baby, the US-based pushchair manufacturer, hit UK shores in September 2012 with the release of their wildly successful G2 model, followed by the G3 in 2014.  If you’re new to the pushchair-buying market, you can be forgiven for thinking ‘Orbit who?’ but I can promise you that their name will soon be as familiar to you as the infamous Bugaboo. We’re just getting in early ;o)

One of the biggest brands in the USA, and manufacturers of the revolutionary G3, Orbit Baby have a refreshing approach to pushchair design and have produced some fabulously unique features. The pushchairs look and function very differently to anything the UK has seen before. No wonder that the American public and celebrities alike have flocked to stores to get their hands on one. After tantalising us for well over a year with rumours of a UK-launch, we finally made it past the finishing line with the G2 and now G3 being sold by John Lewis and other stores nationwide.

Orbit Baby at John Lewis – click to view what’s currently available


233748709alt8So who are Orbit Baby? They are a fairly new kid on the block compared to the likes of Silvercross and Maclaren, but – in this instance – ‘new’ equals a whole new way of looking at pushchair design. The brainchild of designers Bryan White and Joseph Hei, after compiling a list of bug bears from their own and other parents’ experiences, the Orbit Baby products are marketed as a system which include complementary pushchairs, bassinette stands, car seats and travel solutions. The Orbit Baby sales and marketing team include the designers’ wives, Farrah White and Vivian Chiang, who bring extensive business and parenting experience into the mix. Reading their history gives you a real sense that their features come from sensible and knowledgeable thoughts and solid parenting experience.

Orbit Baby also have an impressive list of charities and organisations that they support through their Outreach programme, giving their customers a feel good factor when they part with their cash. They also have an Orbit Green initiative targeting environmentally friendly production and practices, which will please many consumers.

Orbit Baby’s G2 won plenty of consumer and industry awards in the USA and more will no doubt follow in Canada, Far East and some countries in Europe. Have a read of our first thoughts review, and don’t forget to bookmark the site for news about the stockists, price and availability. We’re so excited!